As sponsors of this event, the support from the Ipswich City Council each year has been exemplary.
This is a huge event and requires enormous support from many people. The cooperation of all stallholders each year is also outstanding which helps make a great day for all concerned.
Each year, there are so many people that help make the Garden Expo such a huge success. Accordingly, The Glebe Garden Club (Ipswich) is enormously thankful to everyone involved in any way for helping make the “Ipswich Home Gardener’s Expo” such a huge success every year. Accordingly; we would especially like to thank:

  • Ipswich City Council (Sponsors)
  • Mayor Paul Pissale
  • Shayne Neumann, MP
  • Jennifer Howard, MP (Program Printing)
  • The Garden Expo committee
  • Glebe Garden Club members
  • All volunteers and exhibitors
  • Presbyterian Boys Brigade
  • Our esteemed guest speakers
  • Glebe Road Uniting Church
  • The Fiddlers Inn
  • Associated Media

Thank you!