Exhibitors’ Site Map

The Exhibitor  information for the Ipswich Home Gardeners’ Expo 2019 will be made available once it has been finalised. However the majority of the information below for 2018 will remain the same.


Following is “Exhibitor’s Site Map” and associated “Stall Holders” information for this year’s “Ipswich Home Gardener’s Expo®” which is being held on Saturday 25th August 2018. This event is located at the property between Eileen and Green Streets off Glebe Road, Booval, Ipswich, between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. Information relating to the Guest Speakers on the day can be found on the “What’s On”…….”Speakers, Program & Bios” page.

Expo layout

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Garden Expo 2018 - Stall Reference Plan

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Please note that the reference map and exhibitors are subject to change.


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