Amenities, Security & Parking


1. Speakers auditorium          Map reference 59
2. Food Canteen                      Map reference 26
3. Sausage Sizzle                     Map reference 56
4. Food eating area                 Map reference 32 & 76
5. Fire exits                              Map reference 4, 8 & 59
6. Male toilets                          Map reference 23 & 57
7. Female toilets                      Map reference 24 & 58
8. Disabled toilets                   Map reference 25, 57 & 58


The cost for entry is $5.00 per person and children under 12 years free.  Entry is via two gates situated in Eileen Street and Green Street, Booval that intersect with Glebe Road.  Opening time for the expo is 8:30am and closing time is 3:00pm.  Please note that due to workplace health and safety (WHS) requirements, no gates will open until the expo site has been deemed safe for the public by the WHS representative. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, this clearance is normally given before the 8:30 am opening time.


NOTE: Next to the event, there is car parking available on Cameron Park. Entrance is via Easton Street, at a cost of $2.00.

  • Parking is available on Glebe Road and surrounding side streets in the vicinity of the Garden Expo. 
  • Under WH&S regulations, no on-site parking is permitted. 
  • Parking at the Booval shopping centre may be an option as the distance isn’t too far from the event.
  • Pick up and drop off zones are located at the entrances to the Garden Expo on Eileen and Green Streets.  
  • Please note that we request stall holders to park in side streets so to free up parking for the public nearer the expo.

Security, Access and Plant Crèche.

  • The entire Garden expo site is completely accessible for wheelchairs.
  • A ‘plant crèche’ is available on site (map reference 50) to look after purchased plants as you continue to shop, eat or listen to speakers etc.  The cost of the plant crèche is a gold coin donation. When picking up your plants, there is also a car pick-up location outside the Plant Crèche.
  • Stall Holders located in the main hall can set up their stalls after midday on the Friday afternoon before the event. Contact the Garden Expo Secretary (0415 503 314) if you are unsure if your stall is in the hall. NOTE: The hall is alarmed and safe.
  • The Ipswich Home Gardener’s Expo is a family friendly event for all age groups and disabled people. The site is totally wheel chair friendly.
  • Disorderly or offensive conduct will not be tolerated, resulting in removal from the Garden Expo. 

Please Note: 

  • No dogs are permitted on site, other than “Assistance Dogs” required for people.
    • Official proof that a dog is an “Assistant Dog will be requested at the gate before being permitted on site.
  • No alcohol is permitted on site
  • No smoking is permitted on site.


First Aid

  • Personal safety is regarded extremely important, should anyone require first aid or are experiencing a medical event.
  • EMT Medical Services is on site to cater for those needs (map reference 75, Shalom House).
  • Any difficulty accessing the EMT Medical Services, contact any Garden Expo official or the Garden Expo Coordinator on 0415503314.

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